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when i think too hard, i feel like i'm drowning.

i'm doing okay, really. usually.

i have friends who are real friends - they love me and they care for me. i feel safe with them, and we do things together and i feel so genuinely welcome. normally i feel like a bother to people, an inconvenience. but with them, i don't. it's different and refreshing. i really like it.

my boyfriend is like my home. i don't know how else to word it, but it feels right to say it that way. he's a good person and he's doing good things, and i'm always proud of him. he makes me want to be the best person i can possibly be. i want to do so many good things just to make him smile and make him feel the way he makes me feel.

even my grades are not too bad - or at least, not in my opinion. i don't know what to consider a good GPA right now. i'm just trying my hardest and feeling good about the effort i'm putting in and the results i'm receiving. i might actually be doing pretty bad, or maybe just mediocre, but that doe…