irresistibly yours by lauren layne

irresistibly yours by lauren layne -> goodreads

i hadn't read any new adult books before i read irresistibly yours, and i think i actually only bought this one on my kindle because i saw the third book in this series, someone like you, in an email on sale. i'd read reviews that said each book in the series could be taken as a standalone, but i wanted to read them in order. i also hadn't read any other books by lauren layne, but all of the reviews were really positive, so i was excited to read something of hers.

irresistibly yours is about a guy who works at a magazine that is looking for a sports editor. he expects the job to be handed to him without any issues, and then a cute, tiny, spunky girl shows up and is actually just as qualified, if not moreso, than him.

aforementioned guy is, of course, angry and affronted, and the girl is so absolutely sweet and genuinely nice, and they fall in love. i think i read through this in like a day, it was so addicting and wonderful. i'm not sure if i'm just in love with this couple or lauren layne's writing, but i certainly plan on reading some of her other works.

the romance was cute, the characters were really fun, and i love a good tomboy heroine. 4/5 stars.

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