3 useful apps for college students

it's like six weeks into my first semester of college and i realized, very quickly, that a lot of the things i was doing just weren't cutting it. i wasn't organized enough, my schedule was a mess, and i was so scatter-brained that it was just making me more nervous than it should've.

so i turned to apps, because isn't that the goal of apps, really, to make our lives easier and benefit us? and i've found some pretty cool gems.

1. to bed

because i'm a child still, and without my mother here to tell me to go to sleep already, i just won't. seriously. i will look at the time and realize that it is 2am and i haven't done jack shit and now it's time for bed but i have things to do so i guess i'm not getting much sleep today and aaaAAGGHHH. it's a MESS.

with this app, you input when you need to wake up and how many hours of sleep you want to get, and from there it will let you know when you should head to sleep. the neat thing is that a half hour before bedtime, it'll notify you, so you can get a start on wrapping up whatever you're doing and then getting ready for bed. right now, it tells me that i have 1 hr 13 min until bedtime.

it's so helpful, because i am the most forgetful person with the most fucked up circadian rhythm.

2. alarmy

ah, yes, an alarm app. what college student could survive without an alarm? i mean, sure there is the built-in alarm clock on iphones, but that doesn't work for me, mostly because all of the alarms are soft, pretty little music box themes, and i need an alarm to shake me by my shoulders and scream in my face.

alarmy does just that! well, more or less. you can also set alarmy so that it won't shut up until you shake your phone, take a photo of a certain thing, or solve math problems.

(i tried the math problems mode once. i almost died. not only was i awake at the proper time, but i was also completely pissed off at the entire world. you can't win them all.)

3. wunderlist

i just discovered this app yesterday and it's actually my favorite on this list. what i really like about it is that there's also a chrome extension and a desktop app available, so i can have everything synced. i love having everything synced, so that i don't have to transfer my list of things to complete from my phone to my laptop and then realized i missed one thing on accident and so i didn't complete a task.

the fact that it can remind you of deadlines 1 or 2 days before is also convenient, especially if you're a procrastinator like me and you didn't realize you had something due until, oh, the night before.

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