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there are some very interesting reviews for 99 days on goodreads. some of them are praising this book, and the others are completely condemning it because the main character, molly, does not make good choices.

you cannot tell me you picked up a book about a girl who cheated on her best friend-turned-boyfriend with his brother and expected her to be a perfect person.

a lot of the reviews describe molly as a 'flawed character'. keeping that in mind, what's a perfect character? is it somebody who always makes the perfect choice and doesn't ever let anybody down or hurt their feelings? flawed characters are realistic. maybe that's why people don't like them. we turn to books for an escape, and sometimes a flawed character makes it a little too real for us.

the plot and molly's feelings are very back and forth. of course. i didn't have a problem with it - again, it's realistic, and i hate to admit it, but i've been in a similar situation with two boys. i think what really made this book 3/5 stars was the message that came in the last 20 or 30 pages -

why is molly being shunned by everybody? it's only molly, too. the boys who were involved have faced no consequences, no bullying, no "SLUT" painted on their lockers or car windows. where's their harassment? 

nowhere. it's only molly who has done anything wrong, apparently. this is brought up in the last 20ish pages, and i wish it'd been mentioned sometime sooner in the book. it's an important question, a relevant issue whenever anything like this happens in real life.

a celebrity dates another (married) celebrity in secret, and it's she who destroyed his family. she has to issue an apology for wrecking this man's marriage, because it was only her who made a choice, and he did nothing wrong. he is not expected to apologize. why should he? it was the woman who did everything.

(this was an issue that happened four years ago or so, with an actress and the director of the movie she was working on. remember that?)

so, anyway, 99 days, 3/5 stars. could've been better, could've had a lot more of the message at the end scattered throughout the book, but it didn't. and, whether we like to admit it or not, 99 days was realistic.

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