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i don't think i've participated in a read-a-thon this entire year, actually. but this is pokemon-inspired, so how could i not? i've been playing pokemon go these past couple of weeks and it's really rekindled my love for pokemon. (i mean, i actually haven't played pokemon go for about a week because i'm out of pokeballs and i haven't been to a pokestop recently, but you get the idea.)

so here's my tbr for the read-a-thon.

hopefully i can finally get around to reading the wrath & the dawn. i had this checked out at the library a while back, but i never read it and ended up checking it back in.

i cry a lot at like, everything, even if it's just mildly sad, but i think i'm going to go with me before you for this one. i have the ebook on my phone and i just haven't read that yet, either. i did see the movie when it was released and i cried at that, so i'm sure the book will make me cry as well.

there are so many books i've been meaning to read that are surrounded by hype, especially passenger. i've seen it in the new arrivals section of my public library and just eyed it with jealousy, because i've wanted to read it for ages and ages.

oh man, i love diverse books. for this one, i'm going to choose another book that i have on my kindle and haven't read: simon vs the homo sapiens agenda. i actually bought this one when it was on sale for $1.99 on the kindle store, and, again, i didn't get around to reading it.

i feel like every book i read is romance, which is totally fine with me really. i'm hoping i can read sing for this badge, although i don't know if i'll have the money to buy it on my kindle and i haven't seen it in my library. i'll keep an eye out, though.

i've never been big on paranormal books or fantasy, not gonna lie. i just don't think those genres are for me. for this one, i'm not sure if i'll go with the raven boys (i read the first one a couple of years ago and that's it, so i think i'll try rereading it and seeing if i actually enjoy it this time around) or truthwitch.

there are 3 books with red covers on my goodreads tbr shelf, and i've mentioned all of them already in this post. i'm undecided for this badge, and i think i'll just have to see what books have red covers/book jackets next time i go to the library and pick one of those.

i love books that take place in post-apocalyptic worlds. i think i'm going to go with starflight for this one.

this is such a cute theme for a read-a-thon, and i'm really excited to finally be participating in one.

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