monthly recap 07/16

2016 is officially over halfway done with. it's been a pretty busy year, and most of that business seems to be coming from this month.

  • i have a little brother, and i have as of july 12th at 12:43 in the afternoon. and oh my jesus he's the cutest thing i've ever seen. his name is justice, and it's hard to believe that after two weeks with someone (almost three weeks), i can love them this much. i've never been super keen on babies, but i swear he's trying to change that.
  • today i had my first job interview at a grocery store, and i got the job! i should be starting next week. it's even within walking distance of my house, which makes my life like 3x easier.
  • god help me i'm getting back into reading contemporaries, as seen in my review of love & gelato. my heart's aflutter. kasie west books here i come.
  • and i plan on reading ACOTAR soon. i don't like to use gifs in my posts because it feels very tacky imo, but i literally feel like that gif of spongebob saying "i don't need water......I NEED IT"
  • i'm hopefully starting college this fall??? community college, going to major in math and get a teaching certification. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i've been accepted but i'm just having a billion issues talking to my department advisor.
i guess maybe this month wasn't as busy as i thought if i could sum it up in 5 bullets. either way, i'm hoping to make monthly recaps a regular thing on saccharian, so thanks for reading about my mildly interesting life anyway.

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