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fandoms and fangirls are, more often than not, pretentious. we believe that we are the biggest fans of a celebrity or a series, and we like to judge other fans because we think they're 'lesser' fans than we are. they aren't stanning a group, or franchise, or whatever, right, like we are. we are incredibly pretentious about loving what we love. and for some reason, fandoms of books are so much worse.

i think it has to do a lot with the mentality of 'i'm not like the other girls. other girls party and sleep around, and i stay home and read books, so i'm a better person.' you know what i mean, and the fact that so many YA books are told from the perspective of the 'sweet virgin introvert' girl just reinforces that mentality.

and so a lot of the reviews for this book on goodreads are about how this book is an INSULT to the very meaning of fandom, and don't you know, the etymology of the word fangirl translates from greek to 'perfect human being who does nothing wrong'? it's just an attitude that so many reviews are sharing, about how fangirls aren't like this because "I'M not like this", and kill the boy band is an unrealistic representation and thus a disgrace.

(there are some other complaints of this book about fat shaming, and i don't feel i have a place to talk about it, so while i acknowledge it, i'm not going to try to confirm or deny it.)

kill the boy band is about four fangirls who are obsessed with basically a fictional one direction called "the ruperts", and somehow they find themselves kidnapping one of the band members.

this book is, to be frank, totally wild. i liked it a lot though. it pokes a lot of fun at fangirls and fandoms and fansites, but none of the jokes are even exaggerations if you sit back and think about it.

i rated it 4/5 stars on goodreads. this was such a fun read. i marked it from 'tbr' to 'reading' probably two weeks ago, but honestly i didn't pick it up and start reading it until this morning, and i finished it about six minutes ago. it was that good.

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