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monthly recap 07/16

2016 is officially over halfway done with. it's been a pretty busy year, and most of that business seems to be coming from this month.
i have a little brother, and i have as of july 12th at 12:43 in the afternoon. and oh my jesus he's the cutest thing i've ever seen. his name is justice, and it's hard to believe that after two weeks with someone (almost three weeks), i can love them this much. i've never been super keen on babies, but i swear he's trying to change i had my first job interview at a grocery store, and i got the job! i should be starting next week. it's even within walking distance of my house, which makes my life like 3x easier.god help me i'm getting back into reading contemporaries, as seen in my review of love & gelato. my heart's aflutter. kasie west books here i come.and i plan on reading ACOTAR soon. i don't like to use gifs in my posts because it feels very tacky imo, but i literally feel like that gif of spo…

love & gelato by jenna evans welch

love & gelato by jenna evans welch -> goodreads
my heart's actually about to explode in my chest. seriously.
firstly, it's been ages since i've read a contemporary ya romance, or at least it feels like it has, and i forgot how fluffy and fun they really are. secondly, i have an obsession with books that feature travelling and finding oneself. so it was really just meant to be.
love & gelato takes place in florence, italy. main character lina's mother dies, and before her death, she told lina to go meet her father in florence. and so they arranged for that, and during the summer, lina goes to florence and meets her father for the very first time.
throw in a journal her mother wrote in college, some descriptions of desserts that i could definitely classify as 'food porn', and a cute (half) italian boy, and it's all just delicious. i sped through this book like it was no one's business. there's a light mystery in love & gelato, which i a…

#readthemallthon reading pile

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i don't think i've participated in a read-a-thon this entire year, actually. but this is pokemon-inspired, so how could i not? i've been playing pokemon go these past couple of weeks and it's really rekindled my love for pokemon. (i mean, i actually haven't played pokemon go for about a week because i'm out of pokeballs and i haven't been to a pokestop recently, but you get the idea.)

so here's my tbr for the read-a-thon.

hopefully i can finally get around to reading the wrath & the dawn. i had this checked out at the library a while back, but i never read it and ended up checking it back in.
i cry a lot at like, everything, even if it's just mildly sad, but i think i'm going to go with me before you for this one. i have the ebook on my phone and i just haven't read that yet, either. i did see the movie when it was released and i cried at that, so i'm sure the book will make me cry …

kill the boy band by goldy moldavsky

kill the boy band by goldy moldavsky -> goodreads
fandoms and fangirls are, more often than not, pretentious. we believe that we are the biggest fans of a celebrity or a series, and we like to judge other fans because we think they're 'lesser' fans than we are. they aren't stanning a group, or franchise, or whatever, right, like we are. we are incredibly pretentious about loving what we love. and for some reason, fandoms of books are so much worse.
i think it has to do a lot with the mentality of 'i'm not like the other girls. other girls party and sleep around, and i stay home and read books, so i'm a better person.' you know what i mean, and the fact that so many YA books are told from the perspective of the 'sweet virgin introvert' girl just reinforces that mentality.
and so a lot of the reviews for this book on goodreads are about how this book is an INSULT to the very meaning of fandom, and don't you know, the etymology of the word …

potterhead july & growing up with harry

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potterhead july has kicked off as of yesterday! (or, tomorrow, if we're considering when i'm writing this post.) this festival is intended to bring together fans of harry potter and get us talking about various things related to the series, whether it's about how we came to be fans, the fandom, the characters, etc. i have a billion things i could say about harry potter, but i'd really like to talk about how tied into my childhood this series became.
my mom never particularly enjoyed reading, but i remember seeing her reading the harry potter books when i was very young. she tried convincing me to read them too, multiple times, actually, but somehow, i'd gotten it into my head that the series was scary. probably because of the original order of the phoenix cover, now that i think about it. it is kind of ghosty-looking. i refused to read them, because i've always been a giant weenie, …