in which i venture into knitting socks and check out some more library books

knitting socks

for the past 8 months or so, i've wanted to knit some socks. i can knit, sort of. barely. but what i really want to do is make myself my own nice pair of socks. for the past few days i've been reading up on tips and photo tutorials and watching youtube videos on how to make socks, and today i finally went to hobby lobby and bought myself some sock yarn and needles. these needles feel like i would use them for chicken skewers, and this yarn is so tiny.

but i'm going to do it, definitely! i've got a video tutorial in one tab and /r/knitting in the other.

FINALLY, an adult library card

i turned 18 about a month ago, and so i'm finally eligible for an adult library card at the public library! this basically means that i can check out more than one book at a time, now, which is all i've really wanted. i went a little checkout-crazy, and now i have carry on by rainbow rowell, kill the boy band by goldy moldavsky, and the leaving season by cat jordan on my nightstand.

i've actually been reading carry on for a ridiculously long time. i'm not enjoying it as much as i thought i would, and i know that's because i'm comparing it to harry potter, although i'm trying really hard not to. as for kill the boy band, i've been interested in that one since i saw it on gr. i have a weakness for books centered around fandom, and i've been way too obsessed over boy bands more than once in my life.

and, speaking of harry potter...

potterhead july

potterhead july is a blog festival that will be going on all throughout next month! if you're interested in reading more about the activities and posts that are going to commence, here is the post schedule. i am going to be posting on saturday, july 2nd, actually. so many of these post topics sound awesome, and i really can't wait to see how it's going to go!

harry potter was a huge part of my childhood. it was what sparked my love of reading and introduced me to a lot of amazing people that i wouldn't have met otherwise. i'm truly excited to be participating in potterhead july!

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