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it's been a while since i've read a rainbow rowell book. i'm not sure if it's just because it's been so long, or because carry on isn't her usual type of book, but this book sounded nothing like her. you know? the voice i heard in my head while reading carry on wasn't anything like what i remembered from eleanor and park, fangirl, or even attachments. it felt new, and different, and i really liked it.

maybe i'm feeling so aflutter after finishing carry on because i've been kind of transferring everything from it over into the harry potter universe, and i always shipped drarry. it's actually embarrassing how i reacted to some of the really cute, sweet scenes between baz and simon. like, yes, feed my middle school shipper heart, please.

i got lost a lot towards the end with the plot - so who's the bad guy? how are these people related again? why is this person here? how did they get here? that also might be my fault. i might've been skimming through paragraphs and reading at lightning speed. that might not have been too conducive to my comprehension skills. i'm so thankful for penny's rehashing of the most recent events in the book, especially with her tendency to write it all out on a chalkboard with 'what we know' and 'what we don't know.'

agatha grew on me for a while, and then she didn't. i had too many mixed feelings about her. i didn't like her, then some stuff was explained and i thought she was okay, then she was being a terrible friend and just an unpleasant character, and then she was in the epilogue. i don't know about agatha.

but simon and baz! simon and baz!!!! i'm back to fangirling like i'm thirteen years old, because goddamn are they cute. i'm not going to lie, i didn't even read this book for the plot. i read it because somehow i'd convinced myself it was going to be similar to drarry. it wasn't at all, except for the 'enemies turned lovers' trope, but that didn't change my overall feelings about carry on. as fun as this book was to read, it wasn't what you think back to months or years after finishing it, so i ended up rating it 3/5 on goodreads.

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