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waiting on gemini by sonya mukherjee

find breaking the spine here.
happy wednesday! this is another weekly book blogging meme i've never participated in. whenever i see 80% of my bloglovin feed filled with waiting on wednesday posts every week, i get curious though. for this first waiting on wednesday post, i selected gemini by sonya mukherjee.

gemini by sonya mukherjee -> goodreads
this cover is gorgeous, firstly. i feel like it's something i'd see on wattpad, because it just looks so artsy and well-done and flawless. gemini is a story of teenage girls who are conjoined twins who want to do different things with their life and go different ways.
i don't think i've ever read anything about conjoined twins, or even a book about a birth defect that isn't negative. reviews of an arc for this book all sound very positive, and a lot of them are saying that this book isn't sad at all. i'm sure it will have its moments, but it seems nice to read something centered around a topic like this and…

carry on by rainbow rowell

carry on by rainbow rowell -> goodreads
it's been a while since i've read a rainbow rowell book. i'm not sure if it's just because it's been so long, or because carry on isn't her usual type of book, but this book sounded nothing like her. you know? the voice i heard in my head while reading carry on wasn't anything like what i remembered from eleanor and park, fangirl, or even attachments. it felt new, and different, and i really liked it.
maybe i'm feeling so aflutter after finishing carry on because i've been kind of transferring everything from it over into the harry potter universe, and i always shipped drarry. it's actually embarrassing how i reacted to some of the really cute, sweet scenes between baz and simon. like, yes, feed my middle school shipper heart, please.
i got lost a lot towards the end with the plot - so who's the bad guy? how are these people related again? why is this person here? how did they get here? that also m…

in which i venture into knitting socks and check out some more library books

knitting socks

for the past 8 months or so, i've wanted to knit some socks. i can knit, sort of. barely. but what i really want to do is make myself my own nice pair of socks. for the past few days i've been reading up on tips and photo tutorials and watching youtube videos on how to make socks, and today i finally went to hobby lobby and bought myself some sock yarn and needles. these needles feel like i would use them for chicken skewers, and this yarn is so tiny.

but i'm going to do it, definitely! i've got a video tutorial in one tab and /r/knitting in the other.

FINALLY, an adult library card

i turned 18 about a month ago, and so i'm finally eligible for an adult library card at the public library! this basically means that i can check out more than one book at a time, now, which is all i've really wanted. i went a little checkout-crazy, and now i have carry on by rainbow rowell, kill the boy band by goldy moldavsky, and the leaving season by cat jordan on …

pride month & how i came out

inspired by bee @ quite the novel idea's post.
i've questioned and known about my sexuality since i was in middle school, and i was out to my classmates by eighth grade. middle school is, by the way, a horrible time to question and find yourself, because on top of being incredibly confused and wondering if i was a disgusting sinner, there's the flack you get from everyone else in middle school.
'fag', 'dyke', 'pervert', whatever else i was called, it all fucking sucked. i can say this completely unabashedly. i liked a girl, i dated that girl, and while i didn't know if what i was doing was right or wrong, i was at least happy about it. i was happy to hold that girl's hand, and she was my first kiss. the administrators of the school weren't happy, though, and neither were the parents who dropped off their kids for school in the morning and picked them up in the afternoons. the heterosexual 'couples' in middle school could sit on …