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i like to look at reviews on goodreads or whatever before i even start a book and while i'm in the middle of reading it. i like to see what other people were thinking at the exact same parts of the book as i am. and i'm kind of disappointed to see that it seems like all people had to say about this was that it was a depressing pity party and that they would never recommend this to a single person, ever.

i don't know if this is something i'd recommend to anyone i know, simply because i don't know how i'd even go about recommending it. "hey, you want to read a really miserable book? cool, i thought so! check this out." it was, however, something i could handle. i don't think 'enjoyed' is the right word for it, because it seems a little sick to say that.

this book is about a five-year-old boy and his mother who have been living in the same room, held hostage, for the past seven years. the mother was kidnapped when walking to her college's library at age nineteen, and her kidnapper has abused her and raped her since then. the boy, jack, is the narrator of room. a lot of complaints about room were because they saw jack as annoying and childish. the thing is, he's supposed to be that way, because he's literally five years old and has lived in an eleven-by-eleven foot room for his entire life. he doesn't know anything about... well, anything. of course he's naive, and babyish.

emma donoghue excels at evoking emotion within her readers. i felt horrified at this entire situation, and the fact that it was told from the point of view of a child made it even more heart-wrenching, because we understand what's happening sometimes and he doesn't, and other times he doesn't understand so neither can we.

my boyfriend had read this book a few years back and he told me, "yeah, that book doesn't ever get happy. it stays depressing all the way through." and he was right. that isn't a complaint from me, but a fact. there isn't a happy ending in room, or any sense of justice at the end. i still liked it, though, because i think that in some situations, happy endings shouldn't belong. i rated this a 3/5 stars on goodreads.

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