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room by emma donoghue

room by emma donoghue -> goodreads
i like to look at reviews on goodreads or whatever before i even start a book and while i'm in the middle of reading it. i like to see what other people were thinking at the exact same parts of the book as i am. and i'm kind of disappointed to see that it seems like all people had to say about this was that it was a depressing pity party and that they would never recommend this to a single person, ever.
i don't know if this is something i'd recommend to anyone i know, simply because i don't know how i'd even go about recommending it. "hey, you want to read a really miserable book? cool, i thought so! check this out." it was, however, something i could handle. i don't think 'enjoyed' is the right word for it, because it seems a little sick to say that.
this book is about a five-year-old boy and his mother who have been living in the same room, held hostage, for the past seven years. the mother was kidn…

first & then by emma mills

first & then by emma mills -> goodreads
it's been a while since i've read anything, really, much less a light-hearted contemporary YA. and i'll admit i was pretty hesitant about reading first & then, simply because anything involving sports turns me off. i couldn't imagine how a cute, sweet love story and a story about football could mix. hell, i don't even know anything about football. i didn't think i would enjoy it at all, but i gave it a try,, mostly because the cover is cute and i like watercolors.
even though i read this without knowing a thing about football, i was still able to enjoy it. it wasn't as focused on high school football as i thought it would be. it just so happens that the main character, devon, is also a senior in high school, and she hasn't done anything involving college applications or a resume. she feels so ordinary and lost in the entire college process, which i was definitely able to relate to. her (obvious, after l…