do people irl know that i blog?

i see a lot of book bloggers (primarily teenagers) who are deathly terrified that their parents, relatives, friends, etc. will find out that they have a blog.

i don't understand that.

maybe it's because i'm incredibly comfortable in who i am and what i do, so i have no reason to be anxious or embarrassed. maybe it's because i realize that just because people i know irl know that i have a blog doesn't mean they'll care.

we have book blogs, seriously. why would you be embarrassed or ashamed of that? non-bloggers don't take blogging anywhere near as seriously as book bloggers (or bloggers of any category) do. i imagine that if i told a friend, "hey, i have a blog where i review books." they would say, "that's cool." and that's it. that's literally it.

there would be no judgment, or harsh criticism, or mocking and sneering.

so why do so many young book bloggers worry about this happening to them? what are you afraid of?

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