top ten 2015 releases i meant to get to (but didn't)

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hello and happy tuesday! i've never participated in any book blog memes before, but i saw a lot of blogs i follow via bloglovin doing this, so i checked that out and thought this was interesting! today's top ten tuesday prompt is "top ten 2015 releases we meant to get to but didn't". i have a lot of books that fit under this category, especially some series closers like winter and queen of shadows, but there was only room for ten to cover today.

  • the wrath and the dawn
i've had this one checked out from my library for the past four weeks, but i still haven't gotten around to reading it. the concept sounds so intriguing! i've never read any book that takes place in the middle east so i don't know what to expect at all.

  • red queen
i feel so out of the loop when it comes to this book. isn't the sequel coming out soon, or hasn't it already? somehow this book's been out for almost a year, and there's been a ton of buzz about it, yet i still have no idea what it's about.

  • the sacred lies of minnow bly
this is another book i've had checked out from the public library for two weeks. this one seems really dark. i haven't read a darker book in a while. while i was looking up pictures of the cover for the edit above, i read some more reviews, and now i'm even more eager to read it. maybe i'll pick this one up tonight and read a bit before bed.

  • vanishing girls
i'm embarrassed to say that i've had this one sitting on my bookshelf for a while, and i haven't even so much as cracked it open. it's probably collected some dust already tbh. i've only read one other book by lauren oliver and that was before i fall. i tried reading panic as well, but i couldn't get into it.

  • 99 days
okay, i'm also embarrassed to say that this book has been on my kindle for almost two weeks, and i've read maybe ten or fifteen pages of it. i read katie cotugno's how to love a while back and i adored it. when i heard another book of hers would be published, i was so excited and i thought i'd buy it and read it all in a day. well, obviously that didn't happen because it's on my list. i only bought it because the e-book was on sale for $1.99 and i figured i might as well grab it while i had the chance.

  • the heir
i heard from a friend that the heir wasn't that great, and that maxon and america's daughter was kind of whiny and unlikable. that's not going to stop me from reading it, because i'm a sucker for drama and romance and the selection series offers just that, but it did make me a little less enthusiastic to get to it.

  • the rose society
MARIE LU, ugh. the legend trilogy left me in literal tears, and the young elites was so good. i'm such a fan of marie lu, and i have so much faith in that the rose society won't let me down. i've forgotten most of the characters and big plot points of the young elites, though, so maybe i'll reread it before i get to the rose society.

  • the summer of chasing mermaids
i don't even have an actual reason for wanting to read this other than the cover looks really cute.

  • don't ever change
so this book is about a writer who has heard the old adage that you should write what you know, but she doesn't know anything. so she goes looking for something to know and write about. this is incredibly relatable. i feel like all of us aspiring writers feel as if we don't know what we know, so we have nothing to write about.

  • soundless
i've seen lots of reviews for soundless that are negative. it's either that this book is too juvenile, or the world-building is poor. i don't usually read folk tales, though, so i want to give this a try.

after writing this post i've realized that i really don't know a lot about the books i want to read. i like it that way, though. i like not totally knowing what i'm going into and being surprised by what i find.

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