2016 resolutions

hello! i decided that a good topic for my january discussion would be to create and then talk about my 2016 reading/blogging resolutions. here we go:

  • read more.
around the middle of 2015, some real life things got in the way, and i didn't have time to read for a while. then i just never picked up reading again. i wanted to, but i couldn't. i've really missed reading - it brings me a lot of happiness and relieves stress - and so i want to start reading again this year.

  • try reading some genres other than YA.
i've found a few books (some stand-alones, some series) that i'm interested in that are targeted for adults - a song of ice and fire, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy series, a little life, and all the light we cannot see are a few of them. i'm hoping that one of these might spark my interest in reading again.

  • blog.
this is primarily going to be a book blog, but i also want to share some of my other interests with y'all here, such as knitting, writing, and maybe some pages from my sketchbook. i've tried making a book blog before, but i've always forgotten about it or been unhappy with how it turned out, but maybe if i talk about other things, it will keep me interested.

these are the only little resolutions i have that relate to books and blogging for 2016. what are y'all's goals this year?

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