2016 discussion challenge: #LetsDiscuss2016

i've decided that the new year should come with new goals, and a goal i've always had is to write book reviews on my own blog. i've tried this before quite some time ago, but i had no idea how to write a review or what to even say. i'm still not 100% sure, but i thought i should try again.

what better way to start off a book blog than with a challenge?

this is the 2016 discussion challenge, hosted by nicole @ feed your fiction addiction and shannon @ it starts at midnight. the purpose of this challenge is to get people talking more about books and book blogging in general, and it lasts the entire year. i thought this would be a fun way to get the hang of discussing what i've read, and also to ease myself into the book blog community.

the discussion challenge goal i'm going for here is the creative conversationalist, meaning i'm going to try to post 13-24 discussions throughout 2016. i'll be making my january discussion post soon!

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