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mental health and YA

“i think what i've realized is, life is all about climbing up, slipping down, and picking yourself up again. and it doesn't matter if you slip down. as long as you're kind of heading more or less upwards. that's all you can hope for. more or less upwards.”- finding audrey by sophie kinsella we all know that representation in media is important - whether it's seeing someone of the same race as you starring as the main character in a movie, or reading a book about someone with the same gender identity/sexual orientation as you. whatever it may be, representation is always important.
but what about mental health in YA?
it's all too common for teenagers with mental illnesses to be told things like: you're being dramatic. all teenagers have mood're saying/acting like this for're fine. i've heard from too many people my age that their parents have told them this. i'm actually really lucky that my mother has always been unde…

top ten 2015 releases i meant to get to (but didn't)

find the broke & the bookish here.
hello and happy tuesday! i've never participated in any book blog memes before, but i saw a lot of blogs i follow via bloglovin doing this, so i checked that out and thought this was interesting! today's top ten tuesday prompt is "top ten 2015 releases we meant to get to but didn't". i have a lot of books that fit under this category, especially some series closers like winter and queen of shadows, but there was only room for ten to cover today.

the wrath and the dawn i've had this one checked out from my library for the past four weeks, but i still haven't gotten around to reading it. the concept sounds so intriguing! i've never read any book that takes place in the middle east so i don't know what to expect at all.
red queen i feel so out of the loop when it comes to this book. isn't the sequel coming out soon, or hasn't it already? somehow this book's been out for almost a year, and there's …

2016 resolutions

hello! i decided that a good topic for my january discussion would be to create and then talk about my 2016 reading/blogging resolutions. here we go:

read more. around the middle of 2015, some real life things got in the way, and i didn't have time to read for a while. then i just never picked up reading again. i wanted to, but i couldn't. i've really missed reading - it brings me a lot of happiness and relieves stress - and so i want to start reading again this year.
try reading some genres other than YA. i've found a few books (some stand-alones, some series) that i'm interested in that are targeted for adults - a song of ice and fire, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy series, a little life, and all the light we cannot see are a few of them. i'm hoping that one of these might spark my interest in reading again.
blog. this is primarily going to be a book blog, but i also want to share some of my other interests with y'all here, such as knitting, writin…

2016 discussion challenge: #LetsDiscuss2016

i've decided that the new year should come with new goals, and a goal i've always had is to write book reviews on my own blog. i've tried this before quite some time ago, but i had no idea how to write a review or what to even say. i'm still not 100% sure, but i thought i should try again.

what better way to start off a book blog than with a challenge?

this is the 2016 discussion challenge, hosted by nicole @ feed your fiction addiction and shannon @ it starts at midnight. the purpose of this challenge is to get people talking more about books and book blogging in general, and it lasts the entire year. i thought this would be a fun way to get the hang of discussing what i've read, and also to ease myself into the book blog community.

the discussion challenge goal i'm going for here is the creative conversationalist, meaning i'm going to try to post 13-24 discussions throughout 2016. i'll be making my january discussion post soon!