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99 days by katie cotugno

99 days by katie cotugno -> goodreads
there are some very interesting reviews for 99 days on goodreads. some of them are praising this book, and the others are completely condemning it because the main character, molly, does not make good choices.
you cannot tell me you picked up a book about a girl who cheated on her best friend-turned-boyfriend with his brother and expected her to be a perfect person.
a lot of the reviews describe molly as a 'flawed character'. keeping that in mind, what's a perfect character? is it somebody who always makes the perfect choice and doesn't ever let anybody down or hurt their feelings? flawed characters are realistic. maybe that's why people don't like them. we turn to books for an escape, and sometimes a flawed character makes it a little too real for us.
the plot and molly's feelings are very back and forth. of course. i didn't have a problem with it - again, it's realistic, and i hate to admit it, but i'v…

monthly recap 07/16

2016 is officially over halfway done with. it's been a pretty busy year, and most of that business seems to be coming from this month.
i have a little brother, and i have as of july 12th at 12:43 in the afternoon. and oh my jesus he's the cutest thing i've ever seen. his name is justice, and it's hard to believe that after two weeks with someone (almost three weeks), i can love them this much. i've never been super keen on babies, but i swear he's trying to change i had my first job interview at a grocery store, and i got the job! i should be starting next week. it's even within walking distance of my house, which makes my life like 3x easier.god help me i'm getting back into reading contemporaries, as seen in my review of love & gelato. my heart's aflutter. kasie west books here i come.and i plan on reading ACOTAR soon. i don't like to use gifs in my posts because it feels very tacky imo, but i literally feel like that gif of spo…

love & gelato by jenna evans welch

love & gelato by jenna evans welch -> goodreads
my heart's actually about to explode in my chest. seriously.
firstly, it's been ages since i've read a contemporary ya romance, or at least it feels like it has, and i forgot how fluffy and fun they really are. secondly, i have an obsession with books that feature travelling and finding oneself. so it was really just meant to be.
love & gelato takes place in florence, italy. main character lina's mother dies, and before her death, she told lina to go meet her father in florence. and so they arranged for that, and during the summer, lina goes to florence and meets her father for the very first time.
throw in a journal her mother wrote in college, some descriptions of desserts that i could definitely classify as 'food porn', and a cute (half) italian boy, and it's all just delicious. i sped through this book like it was no one's business. there's a light mystery in love & gelato, which i a…

#readthemallthon reading pile

find info + sign up for the #readthemallthon here.

i don't think i've participated in a read-a-thon this entire year, actually. but this is pokemon-inspired, so how could i not? i've been playing pokemon go these past couple of weeks and it's really rekindled my love for pokemon. (i mean, i actually haven't played pokemon go for about a week because i'm out of pokeballs and i haven't been to a pokestop recently, but you get the idea.)

so here's my tbr for the read-a-thon.

hopefully i can finally get around to reading the wrath & the dawn. i had this checked out at the library a while back, but i never read it and ended up checking it back in.
i cry a lot at like, everything, even if it's just mildly sad, but i think i'm going to go with me before you for this one. i have the ebook on my phone and i just haven't read that yet, either. i did see the movie when it was released and i cried at that, so i'm sure the book will make me cry …

kill the boy band by goldy moldavsky

kill the boy band by goldy moldavsky -> goodreads
fandoms and fangirls are, more often than not, pretentious. we believe that we are the biggest fans of a celebrity or a series, and we like to judge other fans because we think they're 'lesser' fans than we are. they aren't stanning a group, or franchise, or whatever, right, like we are. we are incredibly pretentious about loving what we love. and for some reason, fandoms of books are so much worse.
i think it has to do a lot with the mentality of 'i'm not like the other girls. other girls party and sleep around, and i stay home and read books, so i'm a better person.' you know what i mean, and the fact that so many YA books are told from the perspective of the 'sweet virgin introvert' girl just reinforces that mentality.
and so a lot of the reviews for this book on goodreads are about how this book is an INSULT to the very meaning of fandom, and don't you know, the etymology of the word …

potterhead july & growing up with harry

find the posting schedule for #potterheadjuly here.
find read at midnight here.
potterhead july has kicked off as of yesterday! (or, tomorrow, if we're considering when i'm writing this post.) this festival is intended to bring together fans of harry potter and get us talking about various things related to the series, whether it's about how we came to be fans, the fandom, the characters, etc. i have a billion things i could say about harry potter, but i'd really like to talk about how tied into my childhood this series became.
my mom never particularly enjoyed reading, but i remember seeing her reading the harry potter books when i was very young. she tried convincing me to read them too, multiple times, actually, but somehow, i'd gotten it into my head that the series was scary. probably because of the original order of the phoenix cover, now that i think about it. it is kind of ghosty-looking. i refused to read them, because i've always been a giant weenie, …

waiting on gemini by sonya mukherjee

find breaking the spine here.
happy wednesday! this is another weekly book blogging meme i've never participated in. whenever i see 80% of my bloglovin feed filled with waiting on wednesday posts every week, i get curious though. for this first waiting on wednesday post, i selected gemini by sonya mukherjee.

gemini by sonya mukherjee -> goodreads
this cover is gorgeous, firstly. i feel like it's something i'd see on wattpad, because it just looks so artsy and well-done and flawless. gemini is a story of teenage girls who are conjoined twins who want to do different things with their life and go different ways.
i don't think i've ever read anything about conjoined twins, or even a book about a birth defect that isn't negative. reviews of an arc for this book all sound very positive, and a lot of them are saying that this book isn't sad at all. i'm sure it will have its moments, but it seems nice to read something centered around a topic like this and…

carry on by rainbow rowell

carry on by rainbow rowell -> goodreads
it's been a while since i've read a rainbow rowell book. i'm not sure if it's just because it's been so long, or because carry on isn't her usual type of book, but this book sounded nothing like her. you know? the voice i heard in my head while reading carry on wasn't anything like what i remembered from eleanor and park, fangirl, or even attachments. it felt new, and different, and i really liked it.
maybe i'm feeling so aflutter after finishing carry on because i've been kind of transferring everything from it over into the harry potter universe, and i always shipped drarry. it's actually embarrassing how i reacted to some of the really cute, sweet scenes between baz and simon. like, yes, feed my middle school shipper heart, please.
i got lost a lot towards the end with the plot - so who's the bad guy? how are these people related again? why is this person here? how did they get here? that also m…

in which i venture into knitting socks and check out some more library books

knitting socks

for the past 8 months or so, i've wanted to knit some socks. i can knit, sort of. barely. but what i really want to do is make myself my own nice pair of socks. for the past few days i've been reading up on tips and photo tutorials and watching youtube videos on how to make socks, and today i finally went to hobby lobby and bought myself some sock yarn and needles. these needles feel like i would use them for chicken skewers, and this yarn is so tiny.

but i'm going to do it, definitely! i've got a video tutorial in one tab and /r/knitting in the other.

FINALLY, an adult library card

i turned 18 about a month ago, and so i'm finally eligible for an adult library card at the public library! this basically means that i can check out more than one book at a time, now, which is all i've really wanted. i went a little checkout-crazy, and now i have carry on by rainbow rowell, kill the boy band by goldy moldavsky, and the leaving season by cat jordan on …

pride month & how i came out

inspired by bee @ quite the novel idea's post.
i've questioned and known about my sexuality since i was in middle school, and i was out to my classmates by eighth grade. middle school is, by the way, a horrible time to question and find yourself, because on top of being incredibly confused and wondering if i was a disgusting sinner, there's the flack you get from everyone else in middle school.
'fag', 'dyke', 'pervert', whatever else i was called, it all fucking sucked. i can say this completely unabashedly. i liked a girl, i dated that girl, and while i didn't know if what i was doing was right or wrong, i was at least happy about it. i was happy to hold that girl's hand, and she was my first kiss. the administrators of the school weren't happy, though, and neither were the parents who dropped off their kids for school in the morning and picked them up in the afternoons. the heterosexual 'couples' in middle school could sit on …

room by emma donoghue

room by emma donoghue -> goodreads
i like to look at reviews on goodreads or whatever before i even start a book and while i'm in the middle of reading it. i like to see what other people were thinking at the exact same parts of the book as i am. and i'm kind of disappointed to see that it seems like all people had to say about this was that it was a depressing pity party and that they would never recommend this to a single person, ever.
i don't know if this is something i'd recommend to anyone i know, simply because i don't know how i'd even go about recommending it. "hey, you want to read a really miserable book? cool, i thought so! check this out." it was, however, something i could handle. i don't think 'enjoyed' is the right word for it, because it seems a little sick to say that.
this book is about a five-year-old boy and his mother who have been living in the same room, held hostage, for the past seven years. the mother was kidn…

first & then by emma mills

first & then by emma mills -> goodreads
it's been a while since i've read anything, really, much less a light-hearted contemporary YA. and i'll admit i was pretty hesitant about reading first & then, simply because anything involving sports turns me off. i couldn't imagine how a cute, sweet love story and a story about football could mix. hell, i don't even know anything about football. i didn't think i would enjoy it at all, but i gave it a try,, mostly because the cover is cute and i like watercolors.
even though i read this without knowing a thing about football, i was still able to enjoy it. it wasn't as focused on high school football as i thought it would be. it just so happens that the main character, devon, is also a senior in high school, and she hasn't done anything involving college applications or a resume. she feels so ordinary and lost in the entire college process, which i was definitely able to relate to. her (obvious, after l…

the word for yes by claire needell

the word for yes by claire needell -> goodreads
this book had a lot of potential. it's about three sisters who aren't exactly close (one has left for college, the other is something of a mean girl, and the third is shy and quirky), and on top of that, their parents have just split up. then one of the girls is raped at a party one night.
i really wouldn't consider that last bit a spoiler. this book is called 'the word for yes' and has a ghost of the word 'no' in the background, which was an obvious hint to me that this book would be about some kind of sexual assault and consent.
i liked this premise a lot. i feel like there really is not enough books about sexual assault and rape for young adults, especially not shown like this. the word for yes is memorable in that way, at least. it showed that rapists can be anyone, and captured the feelings of guilt and shame the victim must live with afterwards so well.
unfortunately, the execution of the story is whe…

do people irl know that i blog?

i see a lot of book bloggers (primarily teenagers) who are deathly terrified that their parents, relatives, friends, etc. will find out that they have a blog.

i don't understand that.

maybe it's because i'm incredibly comfortable in who i am and what i do, so i have no reason to be anxious or embarrassed. maybe it's because i realize that just because people i know irl know that i have a blog doesn't mean they'll care.

we have book blogs, seriously. why would you be embarrassed or ashamed of that? non-bloggers don't take blogging anywhere near as seriously as book bloggers (or bloggers of any category) do. i imagine that if i told a friend, "hey, i have a blog where i review books." they would say, "that's cool." and that's it. that's literally it.

there would be no judgment, or harsh criticism, or mocking and sneering.

so why do so many young book bloggers worry about this happening to them? what are you afraid of?

age appropriate books

πŸ—ΊπŸŽπŸ›« A photo posted by dex (@desiraeluz) on Feb 14, 2016 at 1:26pm PST
for as long as i can remember, my mother didn't limit me to what books i was allowed to read. i was never told that i was 'too young' for a book, or told not to read something because it was for 'big kids', or anything like that. the way my mom saw it, i was taking an interest in reading, and that was something she couldn't justify stifling.

now that i think about it, what is an 'age appropriate book'? what makes things inappropriate? what comes to mind is

explicit sexual contentheavy violence/abuse scenes i know a lot of parents get upset over books that have a lot of swearing in them, which makes sense in a way, but i don't understand when they say, well, this book talks about racism, or there's a gay main character, so that's not appropriate for my child.
it's like they think, if my child reads about the civil rights movement, they'll become more educate…

mental health and YA

“i think what i've realized is, life is all about climbing up, slipping down, and picking yourself up again. and it doesn't matter if you slip down. as long as you're kind of heading more or less upwards. that's all you can hope for. more or less upwards.”- finding audrey by sophie kinsella we all know that representation in media is important - whether it's seeing someone of the same race as you starring as the main character in a movie, or reading a book about someone with the same gender identity/sexual orientation as you. whatever it may be, representation is always important.
but what about mental health in YA?
it's all too common for teenagers with mental illnesses to be told things like: you're being dramatic. all teenagers have mood're saying/acting like this for're fine. i've heard from too many people my age that their parents have told them this. i'm actually really lucky that my mother has always been unde…

top ten 2015 releases i meant to get to (but didn't)

find the broke & the bookish here.
hello and happy tuesday! i've never participated in any book blog memes before, but i saw a lot of blogs i follow via bloglovin doing this, so i checked that out and thought this was interesting! today's top ten tuesday prompt is "top ten 2015 releases we meant to get to but didn't". i have a lot of books that fit under this category, especially some series closers like winter and queen of shadows, but there was only room for ten to cover today.

the wrath and the dawn i've had this one checked out from my library for the past four weeks, but i still haven't gotten around to reading it. the concept sounds so intriguing! i've never read any book that takes place in the middle east so i don't know what to expect at all.
red queen i feel so out of the loop when it comes to this book. isn't the sequel coming out soon, or hasn't it already? somehow this book's been out for almost a year, and there's …

2016 resolutions

hello! i decided that a good topic for my january discussion would be to create and then talk about my 2016 reading/blogging resolutions. here we go:

read more. around the middle of 2015, some real life things got in the way, and i didn't have time to read for a while. then i just never picked up reading again. i wanted to, but i couldn't. i've really missed reading - it brings me a lot of happiness and relieves stress - and so i want to start reading again this year.
try reading some genres other than YA. i've found a few books (some stand-alones, some series) that i'm interested in that are targeted for adults - a song of ice and fire, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy series, a little life, and all the light we cannot see are a few of them. i'm hoping that one of these might spark my interest in reading again.
blog. this is primarily going to be a book blog, but i also want to share some of my other interests with y'all here, such as knitting, writin…

2016 discussion challenge: #LetsDiscuss2016

i've decided that the new year should come with new goals, and a goal i've always had is to write book reviews on my own blog. i've tried this before quite some time ago, but i had no idea how to write a review or what to even say. i'm still not 100% sure, but i thought i should try again.

what better way to start off a book blog than with a challenge?

this is the 2016 discussion challenge, hosted by nicole @ feed your fiction addiction and shannon @ it starts at midnight. the purpose of this challenge is to get people talking more about books and book blogging in general, and it lasts the entire year. i thought this would be a fun way to get the hang of discussing what i've read, and also to ease myself into the book blog community.

the discussion challenge goal i'm going for here is the creative conversationalist, meaning i'm going to try to post 13-24 discussions throughout 2016. i'll be making my january discussion post soon!