14 March 2017

irresistibly yours by lauren layne

irresistibly yours by lauren layne -> goodreads

i hadn't read any new adult books before i read irresistibly yours, and i think i actually only bought this one on my kindle because i saw the third book in this series, someone like you, in an email on sale. i'd read reviews that said each book in the series could be taken as a standalone, but i wanted to read them in order. i also hadn't read any other books by lauren layne, but all of the reviews were really positive, so i was excited to read something of hers.

irresistibly yours is about a guy who works at a magazine that is looking for a sports editor. he expects the job to be handed to him without any issues, and then a cute, tiny, spunky girl shows up and is actually just as qualified, if not moreso, than him.

aforementioned guy is, of course, angry and affronted, and the girl is so absolutely sweet and genuinely nice, and they fall in love. i think i read through this in like a day, it was so addicting and wonderful. i'm not sure if i'm just in love with this couple or lauren layne's writing, but i certainly plan on reading some of her other works.

the romance was cute, the characters were really fun, and i love a good tomboy heroine. 4/5 stars.

20 February 2017

3 useful apps for college students

it's like six weeks into my first semester of college and i realized, very quickly, that a lot of the things i was doing just weren't cutting it. i wasn't organized enough, my schedule was a mess, and i was so scatter-brained that it was just making me more nervous than it should've.

so i turned to apps, because isn't that the goal of apps, really, to make our lives easier and benefit us? and i've found some pretty cool gems.

1. to bed

because i'm a child still, and without my mother here to tell me to go to sleep already, i just won't. seriously. i will look at the time and realize that it is 2am and i haven't done jack shit and now it's time for bed but i have things to do so i guess i'm not getting much sleep today and aaaAAGGHHH. it's a MESS.

with this app, you input when you need to wake up and how many hours of sleep you want to get, and from there it will let you know when you should head to sleep. the neat thing is that a half hour before bedtime, it'll notify you, so you can get a start on wrapping up whatever you're doing and then getting ready for bed. right now, it tells me that i have 1 hr 13 min until bedtime.

it's so helpful, because i am the most forgetful person with the most fucked up circadian rhythm.

2. alarmy

ah, yes, an alarm app. what college student could survive without an alarm? i mean, sure there is the built-in alarm clock on iphones, but that doesn't work for me, mostly because all of the alarms are soft, pretty little music box themes, and i need an alarm to shake me by my shoulders and scream in my face.

alarmy does just that! well, more or less. you can also set alarmy so that it won't shut up until you shake your phone, take a photo of a certain thing, or solve math problems.

(i tried the math problems mode once. i almost died. not only was i awake at the proper time, but i was also completely pissed off at the entire world. you can't win them all.)

3. wunderlist

i just discovered this app yesterday and it's actually my favorite on this list. what i really like about it is that there's also a chrome extension and a desktop app available, so i can have everything synced. i love having everything synced, so that i don't have to transfer my list of things to complete from my phone to my laptop and then realized i missed one thing on accident and so i didn't complete a task.

the fact that it can remind you of deadlines 1 or 2 days before is also convenient, especially if you're a procrastinator like me and you didn't realize you had something due until, oh, the night before.

13 February 2017

what have i been up to in the past 6 months?

i love everything in my life as of late.

i started college this semester at the University of Texas at San Antonio, majoring in math and working towards my teaching certification. i'm even in a course (UTeachSA) which allows me to go to a nearby elementary school and do fieldwork, which consists of observing and teaching a few lessons!

there are a lot of interesting people i'm meeting here, and i recently found the Students United for Planned Parenthood (SUPP) group, which i've decided to become a part of. i'm excited for everything here. i think i just missed school - missed studying, tests, even the stress, to some extent! i'm more mentally healthy than i've been in ages.

unfortunately i don't have time to read, or write, or knit like i used to. i miss doing those things. but everything here is incredible, and things are looking up.

08 September 2016

99 days by katie cotugno

99 days by katie cotugno -> goodreads

there are some very interesting reviews for 99 days on goodreads. some of them are praising this book, and the others are completely condemning it because the main character, molly, does not make good choices.

you cannot tell me you picked up a book about a girl who cheated on her best friend-turned-boyfriend with his brother and expected her to be a perfect person.

a lot of the reviews describe molly as a 'flawed character'. keeping that in mind, what's a perfect character? is it somebody who always makes the perfect choice and doesn't ever let anybody down or hurt their feelings? flawed characters are realistic. maybe that's why people don't like them. we turn to books for an escape, and sometimes a flawed character makes it a little too real for us.

the plot and molly's feelings are very back and forth. of course. i didn't have a problem with it - again, it's realistic, and i hate to admit it, but i've been in a similar situation with two boys. i think what really made this book 3/5 stars was the message that came in the last 20 or 30 pages -

why is molly being shunned by everybody? it's only molly, too. the boys who were involved have faced no consequences, no bullying, no "SLUT" painted on their lockers or car windows. where's their harassment? 

nowhere. it's only molly who has done anything wrong, apparently. this is brought up in the last 20ish pages, and i wish it'd been mentioned sometime sooner in the book. it's an important question, a relevant issue whenever anything like this happens in real life.

a celebrity dates another (married) celebrity in secret, and it's she who destroyed his family. she has to issue an apology for wrecking this man's marriage, because it was only her who made a choice, and he did nothing wrong. he is not expected to apologize. why should he? it was the woman who did everything.

(this was an issue that happened four years ago or so, with an actress and the director of the movie she was working on. remember that?)

so, anyway, 99 days, 3/5 stars. could've been better, could've had a lot more of the message at the end scattered throughout the book, but it didn't. and, whether we like to admit it or not, 99 days was realistic.

30 July 2016

monthly recap 07/16

2016 is officially over halfway done with. it's been a pretty busy year, and most of that business seems to be coming from this month.

  • i have a little brother, and i have as of july 12th at 12:43 in the afternoon. and oh my jesus he's the cutest thing i've ever seen. his name is justice, and it's hard to believe that after two weeks with someone (almost three weeks), i can love them this much. i've never been super keen on babies, but i swear he's trying to change that.
  • today i had my first job interview at a grocery store, and i got the job! i should be starting next week. it's even within walking distance of my house, which makes my life like 3x easier.
  • god help me i'm getting back into reading contemporaries, as seen in my review of love & gelato. my heart's aflutter. kasie west books here i come.
  • and i plan on reading ACOTAR soon. i don't like to use gifs in my posts because it feels very tacky imo, but i literally feel like that gif of spongebob saying "i don't need water......I NEED IT"
  • i'm hopefully starting college this fall??? community college, going to major in math and get a teaching certification. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i've been accepted but i'm just having a billion issues talking to my department advisor.
i guess maybe this month wasn't as busy as i thought if i could sum it up in 5 bullets. either way, i'm hoping to make monthly recaps a regular thing on saccharian, so thanks for reading about my mildly interesting life anyway.

29 July 2016

love & gelato by jenna evans welch

love & gelato by jenna evans welch -> goodreads

my heart's actually about to explode in my chest. seriously.

firstly, it's been ages since i've read a contemporary ya romance, or at least it feels like it has, and i forgot how fluffy and fun they really are. secondly, i have an obsession with books that feature travelling and finding oneself. so it was really just meant to be.

love & gelato takes place in florence, italy. main character lina's mother dies, and before her death, she told lina to go meet her father in florence. and so they arranged for that, and during the summer, lina goes to florence and meets her father for the very first time.

throw in a journal her mother wrote in college, some descriptions of desserts that i could definitely classify as 'food porn', and a cute (half) italian boy, and it's all just delicious. i sped through this book like it was no one's business. there's a light mystery in love & gelato, which i appreciated a lot, because it wasn't heavy enough to make things super serious, but still just enough to be interesting and keep me captivated.

also, lina's kind of living my dream. travelling to europe and falling in love with a cute foreign boy? yes, absolutely. 4/5 stars. why am i not lina. i should be lina.

25 July 2016

#readthemallthon reading pile

find info + sign up for the #readthemallthon here.

i don't think i've participated in a read-a-thon this entire year, actually. but this is pokemon-inspired, so how could i not? i've been playing pokemon go these past couple of weeks and it's really rekindled my love for pokemon. (i mean, i actually haven't played pokemon go for about a week because i'm out of pokeballs and i haven't been to a pokestop recently, but you get the idea.)

so here's my tbr for the read-a-thon.

hopefully i can finally get around to reading the wrath & the dawn. i had this checked out at the library a while back, but i never read it and ended up checking it back in.

i cry a lot at like, everything, even if it's just mildly sad, but i think i'm going to go with me before you for this one. i have the ebook on my phone and i just haven't read that yet, either. i did see the movie when it was released and i cried at that, so i'm sure the book will make me cry as well.

there are so many books i've been meaning to read that are surrounded by hype, especially passenger. i've seen it in the new arrivals section of my public library and just eyed it with jealousy, because i've wanted to read it for ages and ages.

oh man, i love diverse books. for this one, i'm going to choose another book that i have on my kindle and haven't read: simon vs the homo sapiens agenda. i actually bought this one when it was on sale for $1.99 on the kindle store, and, again, i didn't get around to reading it.

i feel like every book i read is romance, which is totally fine with me really. i'm hoping i can read sing for this badge, although i don't know if i'll have the money to buy it on my kindle and i haven't seen it in my library. i'll keep an eye out, though.

i've never been big on paranormal books or fantasy, not gonna lie. i just don't think those genres are for me. for this one, i'm not sure if i'll go with the raven boys (i read the first one a couple of years ago and that's it, so i think i'll try rereading it and seeing if i actually enjoy it this time around) or truthwitch.

there are 3 books with red covers on my goodreads tbr shelf, and i've mentioned all of them already in this post. i'm undecided for this badge, and i think i'll just have to see what books have red covers/book jackets next time i go to the library and pick one of those.

i love books that take place in post-apocalyptic worlds. i think i'm going to go with starflight for this one.

this is such a cute theme for a read-a-thon, and i'm really excited to finally be participating in one.